Arbor Vita HTML files generation

Please make sure you have followed the instructions on how to execute this program with Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Explorer before you use this page.

Language (default): Enter here the path of english.txt or any other language file you have customized.
Language 2: Leave this empty, unless you want the program to generate the family pages in several languages
GEDCOM file: Enter here the path of your GEDCOM file
Target directory: Enter here the path of the folder where you want your HTML files to be generated (note: if the Browse button does not let you select a folder, select a file in this folder, then remove the file name in the box to leave the folder path only). This should be the same folder as the one containing the .gif files.

Clicking on this button starts the HTML files generation, the Java applet will then display in your browser status bar its progress. If you didn't get to that point, that is probably a missing file or a configuration problem. Please check for errors in the Java and/or Javascript console.

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