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Joseph Patrick KENNEDY

Born:6 September 1888 in Boston, MA
Deceased:18 November 1969 in Hyannis Port, MA
Buried: in Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MA
Health:Joe Kennedy was a very hard worker, which often deteriorated
Education:Harvard Graduate
Occupation:Bank President, Ambassador
Religion:Roman Catholic
Note:From the time he was a school boy he was interested in making money.

He had an interesting hobby of tinkering with clocks.

Joe was a poor student, but good at athletics and had an attractive personality. He was able to overcome many ethnic barriers during his school years at Boston Latin, a protestant and primarily Yankee school.

Was one of the youngest Bank Presidents in US history.

He was fiercely proud of his family. He was quoted as having said his family was the finest thing in his life.


Born:22 July 1890 in North End, Boston, MA
Deceased:22 January 1995 in Hyannis Port, MA
Buried:25 January 1995 in Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MA
Health:Died of complications due to pneumonia.
Education:Dorchester High School, Sacred Heart Convent
Religion:Roman Catholic
Note:She was considered the flower of Boston Irish society.

She graduated from high school, one of the three highest in a class of 285. She was then sent to finish school in Europe for two years.

She was courted by some of the finest young men, not only Boston's Irish, but members of the English nobility as well.

She was very dedicated to her family, which was evident by the strong support she gave her sons in their political campaigns.

Married:7 October 1914 in Boston, MA


Joseph Patrick KENNEDY Jr.

Born:July 1915 in Boston, MA
Deceased:2 August 1944 in Suffolk, England
Health:He suffered 2 cases of Jaundice during his beginning years a
Education:Harvard University, Harvard Law School
Religion:Roman Catholic
Note:Joseph Patrick was well liked, quick to smile, and had a tremendous dose of Irish charm.

He enlisted in the Navy during World War II, and died during a naval flight.

He was known as Jack.

John Fitzgerald KENNEDY

Born:29 May 1917 in Brookline, MA
Deceased:22 November 1963 in Dallas, TX
Buried:25 November 1963 in Arlington National, VA
Health:Later on in life he faced serious back surgery two times, on
Education:Choate, London Sch. Of Econ., Princeton, Harvard
Religion:Roman Catholic
In 1960 he became President of the United States.

He wrote 2 books, including "Profiles in Courage", which won him a Pulitzer Prize.

He had personal finances that were estimated to be around $10 million while in the Presidency.

He was assassinated in Dallas, TX.

Rosemary KENNEDY

Born:September 1918 in Boston, MA
Health:In 1941 she had a frontal lobotomy.
Note:She was born severely mentally retarded. For years her parents were ashamed of her and never told anyone about her problems.

In 1946 her father gave $600,000 for the construction of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Convalescent Home for disadvantaged children, because of Rosemary's condition.

Kathleen KENNEDY

Born:1920 in Boston, MA
Deceased:13 May 1948 in France
Note:Died in an airplane crash with her lover in France three years after her older brother Joseph's death.

Served with the Red Cross in England during the war.

Eunice Mary KENNEDY

Born:July 1921 in Boston, MA
Note:She helped in the many political campaigns of her brother, John Fitzgerald.

She ran a summer home for retarded children.

After her mother, Eunice was considered the family's model woman.

Patricia KENNEDY

Born:6 May 1924 in Boston, MA
Note:Was a help to her brother John F. during his political campaigns.

Robert Francis KENNEDY

Born:20 November 1925 in Boston, MA
Deceased:6 June 1968 in Los Angeles, CA
Buried:8 June 1968 in Arlington National, VA
Religion:Roman Catholic
Note:Robert Francis was assassinated in California during his 1968 presidential campaign.

He was very dedicated to his children and every evening had prayers with them, each of them saying the Rosary.


Born:February 1928 in Boston, MA
Religion:Roman Catholic

Edward Moore KENNEDY

Born:22 February 1932 in Brookline, MA
Religion:Roman Catholic
Note:Enlisted in the Navy during World War II.

Was known as "Teddy".


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Ascendants: Joseph Patrick KENNEDY

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 Joseph KENNEDY  Bridget MURPHY 

Ascendants: Rose FITZGERALD

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