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John Fitzgerald KENNEDY

Born:29 May 1917 in Brookline, MA
Deceased:22 November 1963 in Dallas, TX
Buried:25 November 1963 in Arlington National, VA
Health:Later on in life he faced serious back surgery two times, on
Education:Choate, London Sch. Of Econ., Princeton, Harvard
Religion:Roman Catholic
In 1960 he became President of the United States.

He wrote 2 books, including "Profiles in Courage", which won him a Pulitzer Prize.

He had personal finances that were estimated to be around $10 million while in the Presidency.

He was assassinated in Dallas, TX.

Jacqueline BOUVIER

Born:28 July 1929 in Southampton, Long Island, NY
Deceased:19 May 1994 in NYC, NY
Buried:23 May 1994 in Arlington National, VA
Health:In 1955 Jackie suffered a miscarriage
Religion:Roman Catholic
Before marrying JFK, Jackie worked as a photo journalist in Washington DC.

While dating JFK, Jackie did not want him to know that she was not rich and think that she was only marrying him for his money. So, she went to great lengths to appear rich.

She was said to be the only First Lady to resemble royalty. She shunned the media and never publicly discussed the assassination of JFK, how she felt about it, or the alleged affairs of her first husband.

Married:12 September 1953 in Newport, RI


Caroline Bouvier KENNEDY

Born:27 November 1957 in New York
Education:Brearly School
Religion:Roman Catholic

John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Jr.

Born:25 November 1960 in Washington, DC
Education:Brown Univ

Patrick Bouvier KENNEDY

Born:7 August 1963 in Otis Air Force B, Mass
Deceased:9 August 1963 in Boston, Mass


 John KENNEDY  Caroline KENNEDY 
 Jacqueline BOUVIER  Patrick KENNEDY 

Ascendants: John Fitzgerald KENNEDY

 Patrick KENNEDY 
 Patrick KENNEDY 
 Joseph KENNEDY  Bridget MURPHY 
 Josephine HANNON 

Ascendants: Jacqueline BOUVIER

 Jacqueline BOUVIER 
 Janet LEE